About Us

The last few years have seen India transform into a fearless giant. Today, everyone wants a slice of the Indian market. India occupies the centre stage in global commerce and industry, with ex-im trade gaining ground with every passing day. The transformation of India began in the mid-1990s, seeing the burgeoning rise in ex-im cargo and a need for an effective supply chain, Airfast Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd., now one of India’s premium ‘Total Logistics Company’ commenced operations in 1999 as a mere customs clearing company.

It was this vision and foresight of Airfast Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Founder-Directors, that has enabled the company to keep pace with the changing face of a very dynamic India. Ever since, Airfast has maintained a consistent and healthy growth in its operations with a steadily growing large corporate base. In a short span of eight years, it has grown from strength to strength to emerge as full-fledged international total logistics solutions provider. Since its inception in 1999, the Corporation has maintained a consistent and healthy growth in its operations to remain with a large corporate client base

Airfast Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd. was floated by a group of dynamic professionals who bring along with them a collective experience from their work with MNCs, Govt. recognized Export houses, USFDA, ISO-accredited and Airfast Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd. companies.

It is this background in top managerial functions of different organizations that enables Airfast Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd. to offer an unmatched service quality based on in-depth experience and an anticipation of customers’ needs.

Assisting Airfast Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd. in its day-to-day operations is a carefully selected talent pool of dedicated staff.

“We are a dedicated, integrated and total logistics solution offering single point services. We offer one phone call logistics services like pick-up, air-cargo, surface transportation, warehousing, shipping, packing, inbound shipment handling, clearing & forwarding services. We add creativity, intelligence and value to our customers’ supply chain"

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide value-creating, intelligent supply chain solutions that work in unison with our customers global requirements. Our customers can expect to work with people who understand supply chain, find new solutions… and deliver. We promise consistency, transparent and integrated processes to deliver operational excellence.